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            Products:  ST Laurante Marble Countertop/Vanity Top
            Slabs Size:
            95"up X 47"up (2400mm upX1200mm up)
            Countertop and Vanity top size:
            Prefab Countertop: 48*26". 70*26", 78*26", 96"x26", 108"x26"
            Prefab Island: 72"x36", 96"x36", 96"x40", 108"x44"
            Prefab Vanity top: 22"x25", 22"x31", 22"x37", 22"x49", 22"x61", 22"x73"
            And any other customized size can be accepted.
            Thickness:   3/4''(2cm), 1 1/4''(3cm) 
            Edge Finish:  Flat, Eased Polished, Bevel, Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee, etc
            Surface finished: Polished
            Application:  countertops, kitchen tops, bathroom vanity top, worktops, laundry, table tops, bench top, island tops, bar tops, backsplashes, shower stalls, tub surrounds ,wall tile, wall cladding, floor tile; and also used for airport, metro, shopping mall, hotel.


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